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We do not use an alarm clock. Not since I retired, anyway.

So, even though we were late getting to bed last night and had to meet Jennifer at 6:45 this morning, we did not set an alarm.

I awoke at 5:54 this morning, looked at the clock, and figured we had better get up and get going.

Marilyn fixed a half pot of coffee so we each had a cup before driving to the hospital.

I was dressed for work in time to say “So Long” to our friends, who were leaving this morning.

Tony & Jackie were on their way to Spirit Lake, Iowa, to work camp for the summer.

Kit & Jerry are on their way to Indiana to visit family, before heading to the west to see Montana.

After exchanging big hugs with these good folks, I walked to the gift shop to begin leading tours of Mark Twain Cave.

I led three or four tours. I can’t remember which, for sure.

Marilyn and Colby walked in while I was between tours, sitting in the guide’s lounge.

We visited for a little bit and then my loved ones left to walk back to the RV.

The tours I gave today had pretty nice groups of kids and all but the final group were very well behaved.

The last group was large with 33 kids and that isn’t a good thing. They were also somewhat immature acting, for kids going into the 8th grade next year.

I was glad to be finished at 2:00 PM and walked back to the RV.

I took off my hiking boots to ease my tired feet, and settled into my recliner to take it easy until Colby wakens from his nap.

Marilyn plans to give him a snack while I change clothes and then I will take Colby to see the airplanes at the airport. Remember, he loves the Twin Beech!

On the days we baby-sit, we don’t usually have our dinner until after 8:00 at night. We like to be relaxed and maybe have a glass of wine in the evening, so it is easier to wait until we are on our own once again.

We may just pick up a pizza on the way home tonight.

It sure was nice to see some of our friends yesterday, and Colby was such a pleasure to have around today.

We are constantly reminded that……………Life is Good!

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