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Rural setting in Nebraska City, Nebraska

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Victorian Acres Campground, Nebraska City, Nebraska

Falls Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Sculpture in downton Sioux Falls, one of many, this one is named...

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Camp just outside of Sioux Falls

We spent an extra week in Nebraska City, Nebraska after hearing weather reports of snow in South Dakota. We decided it would be better to stay put and wait for better weather. The campground and the town of Nebraska City were very nice so staying there an extra week wasn’t a problem for us. We did a little more sightseeing and drove to Council Bluffs, Iowa to check out at large mall, the Mall of the Bluffs one afternoon. On Saturday we made the trip from Nebraska City to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We arrived at our new campground, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Camp just outside of Sioux Falls. The weather was about the best we have seen since we left Alabama so that was welcoming. The campground is really nice, there are lots of weekend activities for kids and even though it is before Memorial Day the campground was almost full when we arrived. On Sunday of course, the weekenders left and now the campground is not so crowded. On Sunday afternoon the weather was still great so we drove into downtown Sioux Falls to see Falls Park on the Big Sioux River. Sioux Falls is just beautiful, I have never seen a city with so many parks and the downtown area has actual stores, something that we haven’t seen much of lately in other places we have visited. Many of the older buildings are very impressive; they were built with what appears to be red granite that is native to this area.

The weather has been perfect all week, sunny and in the 70’s, can’t complain about that especially after we heard that it had rained for a week and a half just before we got here.

Part of our reason for coming to South Dakota was to change our state of residency. Many full-time Rver’s do this because South Dakota does not have state income taxes and also vehicle registration and insurance are suppose to be less expensive. So on Tuesday we headed out to the motor vehicle office……a typical motor vehicle experience, take a number and wait…and wait….and wait. Unfortunately the licensing office didn’t handle registrations so we headed off to another office to transfer the title on the car, we had registered the motorhome by mail while we were in Alabama. This was much easier……no lines, no wait. So with all that done, it is official, we are now South Dakotians.

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