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Zambia and our goal of Mfuwe. We had to charter a plane...

We took notes on a Sudoku game book.

Pam negotiates.


It is a small plane!

Paul, our pilot, works the controls.

We are on our way!

Upon arrival at the Mfuwe airstrip.

Sign for our new lodge.

The camp had been open only 3 days after a major rennovation.

Deck where meals are served.


Lounge area

Our room with the netting.

Pan and Anne compute.

Off on the afternoon game drive. We would have missed this if...





Impala runs across the road

The end of the day.

Hyena at night.


A hippo comes out of the water for the night.

Mfuwe, Zambia, Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today we had a very mixed-up trip by air from Livingstone to Mfuwe. The flight on ProAir for which we were booked was cancelled and the airline substituted a flight to Lusaka at 9:00 followed by a flight from there to Mfuwe at 3:00 with a LONG layover on Lusaka. We decided to find a charter from Lusaka instead and booked one only to find out they only took cash! Well, we did not have that much nor could we draw it out in one day from the ATM. So we said to forget it, and they said, too bad, we already fueled the plane just for you, and we said, but only if you decide to take a credit card, and lo and behold, they suddenly arranged to take Visa! The plane was a 4-seater Cessna and a wonderful flight, getting us there in time for the late afternoon game drive where we saw lots of zebra, galloping impala, and Cape Buffalo.

There were puku among the impala (both antelope-type creatures) and we explored well after sunset with illumination provided by a spotlight. Tom had to push the "film speed" to 6400 to capture the images from this "night drive." The Southern hemisphere sky was filled with stars that we had never seen and brilliant. Dinner was a buffet and we enjoyed the company of new friends, Lisa & Steve, both retired U.S. Air Force Colonels.

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