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Busy Beaver

Busy Beaver

Beaver Dam

We arrived in Chehalis, WA on Sunday May 9th. We are staying at Thousand Trails – Chehalis preserve. The park is heavily wooded and only a few sites have sewer. We found a nice site with sewer but were unable to get satellite reception or any reception from the aerial antenna.

The next day turned cold and rainy so we decided to move to a different site that could receive satellite. If we are going to be stuck in doors for a few days, we need the TV. The new site provided good TV reception but has no sewer. We will need to be very conservative with our water while we are here.

On Tuesday, we checked the weather on the internet. It is going to be cloudy all week so we decided to go to Mount Saint Helen's today. The sun is shining from time to time. We arrived at the first look-out and learned we were on the edge of the blast zone. We were still miles away from the mountain. We also learned that the 30th anniversary of the eruption was 1 week away (May 18th). We continued up the mountain stopping at other look-out points. The mountain was hiding behind the clouds so we were never able to see the top. The devastation from flood and flow of the Toutle River was awesome even 30 years later. We drove as far was we could then took a 2.5 mile hike. The top of the mountain was not opened yet because there was still too much snow. As you look at the pictures, notice the swath cut along the river by the landslide.

We had dinner with Cathy Walker Hall and her family on Thursday. Cathy and I worked for NCR in the Atlanta area in the late 90's. It was her daughter, Lucy's, 5th birthday. We had a great dinner at a local restaurant right on the Sound and enjoyed catching up and meeting her family.

Since there wasn't much else to do here and since we didn't have a sewer connection, we decided to head to the spot on our journey a few days early. We will be packing up and heading north on Friday.

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