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I slept with the window open, even though it rained most of the night. When I awoke at 4:30, I closed the window and then climbed out of bed, trying to be very quiet.

Marilyn joined me in the living room at 5:00 and we sipped our coffee together.

We met Jennifer at her work and brought Lauren back to the RV.

Marilyn had things well under control when I left for a day in the cave.

There was a school bus waiting when I arrived and I took the first tour group into the cave right at 9:00 AM.

I did four tours, back to back to back and then sat down to eat a snack. Shelbey informed me that there was a tour group which had been waiting for a long time and asked if I could possibly take them.


I screwed the cap back on the bottle of apple juice I had been drinking, and headed for the door.

The people waiting were from St Louis and it was a Senior class with 44 students and 2 teachers. Normally this large a group would be divided into two tours, but that would have required two guides and I was the only one not on a tour at that time.

I waved and told them all to follow me.

I had never had a group this large in the cave before but these folks had been waiting for two hours to take this tour.

This was one of the finest groups I have ever had in the cave. It was obvious that the maturity level was very high and I was curious because they were so well behaved and very polite.

One of the nice young men informed me that they were an honors class and all of them were going on to a University, with multiple scholarships.

In spite of the large numbers, the tour was a pleasure to give.

I arrived back at the RV at 3:30 PM, changed clothing, and took a turn at holding Lauren.

What a sweet child she is!

We will sure miss the Grandkids when we leave for the summer.

We have only a bit over two weeks left before we leave on June 3rd.

We intend to take at least three days, maybe four, to drive to Mountaindale Resort.

Two or three couples who read our journal have contacted us about staying at Mountaindale while we are there. Two couples we have not met except through our blog.

It is always nice to meet our readers and we look forward to meeting these nice folks.

So that is the way it is on this day. I must admit that……………

Life is Good!

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