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Marilyn & I slept well last night and I was up at 6:00 AM. That was by CHOICE since I am an early riser. Marilyn remained in bed until 7:00 or a bit after.

We sat together sipping our coffee and working on the internet. We reserved our shore tours for the cruise we will take to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary.

We are all set now, except for a tour we will take in Rome, after we go ashore

It rained again this morning and we watched as some tent campers folded things up and left, while it was still raining. We talked about our days as weekend campers in the various tents and the fold down camper we had. I remember well, the times we had to break camp and leave because I had to go back to work.

Many times we had to set up the fold down once we got back home, to allow the canvas to dry. Sometimes that didn’t work and I ended up cleaning the mildew off the canvas later.

Once we finished with our dream vacation plans, I got busy making one of my favorite “one dish” meals. I browned a pound of Jimmy Dean Hot sausage, adding one large onion, diced, when the sausage was nearly done. Sliced potatoes followed and when they were half done I added about ½ head of cabbage, chopped up.

When the cabbage was cooked, the finished product was ready to eat.

That was our lunch.

We thought about going to a movie but were enjoying a quiet day together so much that we were reluctant to change anything about our time together.

We took a walk late in the afternoon, and bought a Pepsi at the Camp Store. Marilyn will pop some popcorn for us to share while watching the finale of “Survivor” tonight.

So, this lazy day draws to a close. Tomorrow will be a new day and we must remember that………..Life is Good!

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