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We arrived back at the RV late last night and were awake early this morning, so it was a short night for us.

Once we were dressed to attend our Son-in-Law’s” College graduation, we left and drove into town to get some breakfast.

It took a couple of cups of coffee to get us started today, and the breakfast of ham, eggs and toast helped a lot, too!

We were half way to Palmyra when I asked Marilyn if she remembered to bring the camera. She had a shocked look on her face and admitted she forgot it. Too late to go back for it now!

We’ll depend on getting some pictures taken on Jennifer’s camera.

We met the kids in Palmyra and followed them to the College and then watched the impressive ceremony.

At the College, we ran into several people we know and visited with them for a few minutes.

This was Steve’s Day so we wanted to help out where we could and remain in the background as much as possible.

Marilyn & I mainly made sure that the two G’kids were ok while the others were busy taking pictures, etc.

We are truly proud of Steve! We are equally proud of Jennifer, who inspired Steve to complete his degree after she completed hers! Way to go, Kids!

Marilyn & I stopped on the way home. Once to see a fifth wheel one of our friends is looking at, and once to pick up a bite for lunch.

Back at the RV we changed into our “comfy” clothes and ate some fried chicken.

Marilyn fixed some baked beans to take out to the BBQ at the farm, and we headed out once they were ready.

We stopped to pick up some ice and drove on to the BBQ.

We played in the Game Room and had a meal of Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Slaw, and some nice Cake that Gloria made.

Al & I did the cooking on the grill and everyone had a nice time.

We have had some long days lately, with the combination of work and baby-sitting, so we are relieved to be home in our little Hideaway, by 8:00 PM.

Now we are relaxing and looking forward to a great night of sleep. We plan to get up in the morning, whenever we want, and not a moment sooner.

So, once again, Life is Good!!

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