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After sand boarding (of which I should point out, after Georgie’s last defamation of my snowboarding credentials, I lasted way more than 3 metres – it was at least 10! And, as every mountain bunny knows, it is better to try and fall, embarrassingly and hard with maximum crowd of non-daring onlookers, than to spend your life as a commentator on a chairlift wondering what the snow tastes like. Sand, incidentally, tastes dry and abrasive, like having your best efforts erased with a brillo pad...) we took a boat ride to the Ballestas Islands, a group of islands about an hour off the coast that are known as the poor man’s Galapagos Island. It was only a half day venture, and it wasn’t anything that we hadn’t already seen on the Patagonian coast, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

We saw an abundance of Sea Lions jostling for space on the rocks and roaring and bellowing as they are prone to do. A variety of Pelicans, Cormorants and Penguins and many other birds with which we cannot be entirely sure at what they were because the guide was Spanish and if it’s not asking for dos Cerveza por favour we don’t have a clue, ignorant wretches that we are. You’re meant to regularly see Killer Whales too, but we saw none and that would have clearly made my day, and even more so if one had jumped out of the water and decapitated one of the chavs at the front of the tour boat, in slow motion, to the tune of Bach’s “Air on a G string”. Yes, I think that would have gone nicely...

Anyway, an enchanting half a day, the sounds of Sea Lions and the smell of guano serving as a tasty accompaniment to nature’s cellar.

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