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Our Jeep on top of a biiig dune

Patterns in the sand

Silky sand

Big Sand DUNES!!!

The jeep

waves in the sand

The Flying Button

Sunset over the ocean

Sunset over Sea Lion encrusted rock

Sunset Action

The third activity we enjoyed within a 24 hour period within Southern Peru was sand buggying and boarding. We set off in a dune buggy, immediately climbing what felt like a vertical sand dune of about 2000m high (but clearly wasn’t as we were not far from the sea!), only to have to descend this vertical drop back down – bit like a truly horrific fairground ride, except I actually enjoyed it!

Next vertical sand dune we came across was time for us to get out boards out to board/toboggan down. I say board, in the broadest sense of the word because we were bear feet, there were no boots or bindings and the company we were with banned actually standing on the board because it was so dangerous. Jb obviously thought better of this and attempted to board the biggest sand dune in snow board fashion – much to the delight of everyone else in the group and much to the dismay of the group leaders. Much to my utter satisfaction, he wiped out within about 3 metres and couldn’t get going again – always comes back to the boarders v. Skiers debate - yes he did just sit on the brow of the hill doing nothing and making no attempt to get out of anyone’s way. . . . . . . . . . . Suffice to say, not only did I have far more fun lying on the board and flying down, got more speed up and even a little air and was not mocked for trying to show off!

We spent the afternoon over several Km doing this and then eventually hit the sea to watch sunset over the pacific and over a rock full of sea lions. We then arrived at our camp in the desert where we were provided with the smallest tents known to man – we think the length of them was about 5ft because even I did not fit in them and Jb had half of his body hanging out. Fortunately we had been plied with enough Pisco Sour (local Peruvian drink that I will explain in a later blog) to sink a battleship so we passed out quite nicely under the stars in the desert, miles and miles away from anywhere and I think it was the most peaceful night’s sleep we have experienced so far.

Unfortunately a pisco hangover combined with a 2 hour dune buggying/theme park ride was not the wakeup call we required, only 4 hours after going to bed

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