Seven Thousand Miles of Mexico 2010 travel blog

Home at Last

Snow outside but we still have the sunroom

More afternoon we decided we could make it all the way home, as long as the snow wasn't too bad. Can't believe we just left our warm winter hide away and are now faced with the cold winter we were trying to escape...ugh!!!

Pulled up to the gate at 9:30p.m....yeah!!! Well, not quite yet...can't find the key...what a sight... Danny, who is still in his warm weather shorts, and Bill, standing in the snow trying to disassemble the chain link on the gate lock...ahhhh, what memories. Actually, we all felt grateful to have traveled so many miles without any car problems, anything lost or stolen, no one injured....a successful trip!

We all crawled off to bed and were greeted in the morning by our favorite turkeys, waiting patiently for our return.

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