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We awoke at a decent hour this morning. It wasn’t long before we were sitting in front of the fireplace, sipping a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee.

It was time for breakfast before we knew it, so I ate a bowl of cereal with blueberries and a banana.

By the way, all of our blood-work results turned out ok. My total cholesterol was only 165 and the triglycerides were 220, which is about 20 points over the “Norm” limit.

I am working to get that number back to where it belongs by taking some Omega-3 fish oil as a supplement to my diet.

The blood pressure is another story. It has been slightly high. I had hoped that it was only a freak reading but it has remained at an elevated level for awhile. Since my potassium level is right in the middle of where it should be, I have decided to cut down my salt intake and see if I can use diet control to get the BP back to where it belongs. We’ll see!

If I have to take some medication, so be it!

Marilyn’s tests all came back in the “Normal” range. She is totally healthy! Hooray! That means she is good enough to take care of me! LOL

Now, on with our day today…..

I showered and dressed for a day in the cave. I gave five tours and all of the school groups were great kids. I enjoyed giving the tours and these young people made my job easy. Two of the school group tours were groups of 9th grade students. They were super!

I was finished with the final tour of my day, right at 5:00 and walked back to the RV. It was a race to get changed into a comfortable pair of jeans, a sweat shirt, and sneakers.

Then we were off to the kids house to stay with the G’kids while their Mom & Dad were out.

As I sit here typing, the G’kids are in bed sleeping and we are relaxing between the “tip-toeing” trips to check on the little loved ones.

We will be up early again tomorrow morning but I’m not working until Monday.

Three weeks from now we will be in Colorado. Next week, we will have a visit from two wonderful friends, Kit & Jerry. We’ll have dinner with these good friends on Tuesday evening.

We have heard from a couple of our readers, who will be in Colorado while we are there. We look forward to meeting up with these cyber friends.

For now, folks, I will stop for the night and get this posted.

Tomorrow will be another good day and…….Life is Good!

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