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Loves Gas station 1/2 mile So. from KOA East OKC

Downtown OKC

Neighbors who thought they were safe under the overpass, NOT

OKC Memorial 15 years ago it happened, many gone

how many clowns can fit into a phone booth?

T&T group

Have you ever had an incredible God week? Wow, God has shown himself strong here and mostly in our lives period.

We got here, late on Thursday April 29th, we had 2 days off, whew! After traveling in the wind all day it was terribly bad! So, we rested, found the Walmart, got groceries and relaxed until Sunday when we went on duty for the next 10 days! WOW!

A lot to learn and a lot to say goodbye to. Changes amidst the chaos and life. Finding a Bible diggin church to rest in. We found one, it is really a nice place and a nice change.

We are on Sabbatical and are really enjoying learning God's goodness again and listening to many Pastors whom we trust through TBN and the internet. We work the afternoons so it gives us time to study and be in God's Word and we are resting in Him!

We had great send offs, it was really incredibly powerful to know that we meant a lot to others. We have been so blessed by so many.

Our prayer is that others will shut down enough to really listen to God's voice for their life. God wants great big things for you.

We have gotten hit hard with tornado's around here, but God is bigger and we have authority to pray them off! So do you! Pray those storms off!

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