Monica & Tom's 2010 SouthEast Asia Adventure travel blog

Wat Khunaram

Monica part of the bird show

Dave the bird man

My little beach buddy

Tom with his roaring tiger

Me and the Mama Tiger

Grandmother and Grandfather rock

Elephant at the Aquarium

Feeding the elephant

Grandmother and Grandfather rock

Hi Everyone, Well what's been going on during the last couple of days here in Koh Samui? Two days ago we hooked up with Mr. Jack. He took us on a day tour to many sights around the island ( or as many say here "iceland" ). We went on a tour of Wat Khum Aram. This is a temple where The body of Samui's most famous mummified monk, Loung Pordaeng, is on display here in a specially constructed building. When he died more than 20 years ago, he was sitting in a meditation position. He is still in that same position and his body shows few signs of any major decay. I couldn't take a picture of him....kinda creepy, but Shannon did. I won't post as many may be as me and wish not to see it. We also visited Grandmother and Grandfather rock. At the south end of Lamai beach where we stayed are some rock formations that are standard shape for areas around the islands here. The 'Grandfather Rock' and 'Grandmother Rock' have been shaped over millions of years by wind and water to resemble human sex organs. A short narrow alley lined with souvenir stalls leads from the main road to the rocks. You actually end up on Grandmother's belly, where a crevice has been worn into the rock to form granny's legs. The Grandfather Rock, a penis shaped pillar. The locals believe they are fertility symbols and are very meaningful to them. It is a beautiful location for photo opps. Finally we went to an Aquarium that also had elephants that you could feed and many other animals to view. We went to two shows- one of sea lions - typical kinda Niagara Falls show, but good. Second show was of many trained exotic birds. They rode bicycles and flew around the arena just barely missing people heads and then back to their trainers....very cool. Dave and I were able to be part and have a toucan like bird fly onto our arms. As a second part to this show was tigers. Wow, very neat. Tom, Shannon and I had our photos taken with tigers at the end. Tom and I with a big female cat and Shannon with a baby. Dave was back with the elephants ( he just loved them). It was very scary being beside such a powerful beast. The trainer was kind of like the soup Nazi from Seinfeld. "step behind me, walk here, put your hand here, don't be nervous...don't move." Exciting, but super scary. That eve, we headed back to Chewang Beach for our last night of shopping shopping. We had a great dinner at small little place that was owned by a couple of guys from the U.K It was kinda like a book store/library. To access one of the washrooms you had to pull a Harry Potter book from the wall. It was a late night. It ended with a stop at our local bar at the end of our street called the Mariner. Tom and I headed home fairly early, but Dave and Shannon decided to close the place around 4:00am. Needless to say yesterday was a slow moving day. Shannon and I picked up our customs suits and are quite pleased with the final results. We had a lovely dinner at Dr. Frogs. Dave and Shannon left to head back to Canada today....boohoo. See you guys soon. We have loved our time during the last 3 weeks but are both ready to head back to Canada. We will be back here though...guaranteed. Stay tuned for the final entry as our amazing adventure comes to a close. See you all back home soon. Ciao for now. Monica

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