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Time to Relax

Trains #1

Trains #2

Trains #3 (Old Ford Truck)

Trains #4 ("Big Boy")

Big Boy's Engine Controls

Big Boy's Coal Storage

Snowplow Train



Sleeping Berths

Mail Car

Original Dining Car


Kewaunee Lighthouse

Downtown Kewaunee

The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay was well worth the trip. Big Boy was the star attraction. It is the largest and most powerful train ever built. One of its jobs was to pull other trains. There were more than a dozen trains on display, and many of them are housed inside a huge climate-controlled building (nice and warm), and you could walk through them, car by car. It’s hard to believe that the passenger trains were once considered luxurious. They are so cramped! We missed out on the film, but for $1 each (and we should have figured that we wouldn’t get much for $1), we got to take a very lame ride in a two-car train that rode around the grounds twice. It’s obviously for kids, but even the kids that were on it asked why it went around twice. The conductor had a walkie-talkie to the museum, and his daughter worked inside. She called him “Dad” when she spoke to him (we overheard them). It’s nice that it’s a family operation.

We went into “downtown” Kewaunee for dinner tonight, and had a dinner of pork roast, potato dumplings, and sauerkraut. It was a great meal, but I had to get a doggie bag for half the pork – the portions were huge! We are now in the cold laundry room of the campground, which is where the WIFI is. The next storm will be here sometime tonight. It’s supposed to be nasty tomorrow, but we will try to drive up the peninsula and see some other lighthouses. As of now, we are scheduled to leave here Friday. We are about fed up with the cold weather, and are considering cancelling the Canada-part of this trip. Stay tuned…

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