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El Barretal Church

Driving through Tampico was a nightmare....again!! We decided if we ever do this again to try taking the airport road, which may keep us out of the city.... whose "china townish" streets, with no directional signs and annoying little mini taxis weaving in and out of traffic, "constantly" beeping their horns left us all exhausted....we finally got through Tampico and kept driving hoping to find a hotel soon as it's starting to get late.

Finally found Pancho's Hotel in El Barretal...another great find!! Very nice rooms, huge king size beds, clean and modern. There's a sweet smell of orange blossoms in the air...We find out later that the hotel property is surrounded by an orange grove...there's also a pool and a horse and stable in the back.

In the evening we walked down the street to look for a restaurant and found a cafe serving carne asada tacos with grilled onions, seasoned steak and cilantro...really delicious! So good, we all had seconds..Mmmm!!

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