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Papantla Flyers

Papantla Square

After another very, very long day of traveling....found the Hotel Arenas in Papantla. This hotel was nestled in a beautiful, lush, green hillside...comfortable, large rooms. The doors are kind of weird..thin aluminum with a latch, like a garage door.

Found out that tomorrow would be the last day of a week long Tajin religious celebration in Papantla. We decided to take a taxi to town that night to walk in the square and experience the celebrations. Known for their vanilla beans...there were many vendors selling vanilla beans twisted into different shapes, vanilla extract, vanilla coffee and vanilla liqueurs. We watched dancers on stilts performing a story on stage....we were hoping to see the Papantla Flyers perform but will have to wait until tomorrow for their final performance. They hang from ropes by their feet swinging and twisting around a tall pole. Really spectacular sight!!

We hired a taxi to take us back to our hotel but the driver started taking us out of town... and we had no idea where he was taking us!! I got a little frantic and wondered what was going to happen to us...We kept telling him to please take us to Hotel Arena...but, we found out later, we were pronouncing it wrong and he thought we meant hotel Arinas...geez, thought we were being kidnapped, never to be heard from again.

The next morning, while walking back from our morning cafe con leche, we noticed the maid making a broom out of chamomile leaves...nice!

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