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It was difficult to sleep well last night due to the lightning, thunder and pounding rain which continued all through the night, nearly until 5:00 AM.

We were keeping Colby with us today so we were soon up, dressed and sipping our morning coffee.

Colby greeted us with a big smile and chattered all the way back to the RV. I made a stop at Walmart to pick up a few items needed for the kitchen. I also picked up some potassium pills as a supplement to my diet. That may help with the blood pressure problem. I sure would like to avoid taking any medication if possible. We’ll see!

Colby ate a good breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, French toast, fruit and milk.

Then it was time to play. Colby and I walked to the Gift Shop where he was allowed to shop for one toy. Not surprisingly he selected a 4-Wheeler!

I picked up our mail delivery and we started back to the RV. We couldn’t make it past the playground where there was a young boy, nearly five years old, playing on the swings.

He and Colby hit it off and they played together while I visited with the Mother of the other young boy.

This all lasted for quite awhile, and then it was time to return to the RV.

After lunch Colby took a nice nap and I had a very brief snooze in the recliner.

I then went outdoors to play golf on the Wii, where I missed the cut at a tournament.

By the time I finished that round, Colby was up, rested and ready to go.

We walked to the playground where we swept some of the sand and dirt from the equipment. Once Colby tired of this activity, we walked to the bridge and then to the sluice. He enjoys the sluice and helped to search for “valuable gems” which were missed by the paying customers.

We walked back to the RV where Colby drank a glass of milk and settled in to watch “Sponge Bob”.

Marilyn finished up some laundry before fixing dinner for Colby. We decided that, for our dinner, we would pick up one of those good Italian BMT’s from Subway after dropping Colby off tonight.

The sun came out and helped to dry things off this afternoon. We are sure tired of the rain! I don’t know how the farmers will ever get things done this spring if the rain doesn’t stop.

We are feeling the twinges of “Hitch Itch” and are thinking of Colorado nearly every day.

One of the couples staying here in the campground in a nice motor home, dropped by to visit. They too are full timers.

Maybe we’ll have a chance to share a glass of wine with these nice folks before they leave on Friday.

We are keeping friends and family in prayer as usual, and our hearts are heavy because of the burden being carried by some of them. Our thoughts, love and prayers are constant, dear ones!

So, another day fades into the memory book.

Remember, in spite of the hardships, Life is Good!

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