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I was up and about by 5:00 AM today. Marilyn was about an hour behind me, but she put the coffee on and we did our usual morning routine with the coffee and the fireplace.

I made some phone calls, contacting Mobile Suites about getting a replacement window for our big picture window in the back, as well as one small window on the side of our RV.

They will provide the window at no cost but we will have to pay the shipping and installation costs. No problem there!

They informed me that it will take 5 or 6 weeks to get the windows in so that means we will wait to have this done in the fall of this year.

We will have a few other things taken care of in September when we go to Indiana for maintenance work.

I contacted Lippert and they agreed to wait until we get there in September, to replace the landing gear.

When we leave for the RGV this fall we should have everything done and have the rig in tip top shape.

This year we will have a very busy fall.

Marilyn left for a doctor’s appointment while I dressed for work.

I led three back-to-back tours today. The first group was from Quincy and they were all good kids but a bit noisy.

The second group was from Knox County and I knew several of the adults who were chaperoning the kids.

The third group was from Palmyra and they were all 8th grade kids going into High School next fall. I expected problems with this group. Just experience! However, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised! This group was one of the nicest bunch of kids I have had go through the cave. Well behaved, attentive, and interested in the whole tour. Excellent!

I was back in the RV a little after 1:30 PM. I heated up the left-over turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. They were delicious!

It is a cool and rainy day and we will have the soup I made yesterday, for our dinner this evening. Homemade soup always seems to be more tasty the next day.

Marilyn, Jennifer and the G’Kids all went to Quincy shopping while I was tromping through the cave. They returned not long after I finished my lunch.

Colby went right to our bedroom for his nap, but Lauren stayed awake cooing and charming her grandparents.

She was soon fed and had a diaper changed, and then fell asleep for a short time.

Jennifer left the G’Kids with us while she went to work out.

Marilyn & I look forward to a relaxed evening watching “Dancing with the Stars”.

Tomorrow we will be baby-sitting and I am not supposed to work at all.

Life is Good!

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