About to embark on the ABQ Trolley Co for our 1 hour,...

we like the mosaic tile sides

they're a nice touch of the southwest to the ambiance

Jesse and Mike owners of the trolley company.

smallest church

inside the smallest church, yep that's it...

we had lunch at the "Church Street Cafe" it's behind the old...

We enjoy eating outside in the nice weather

About the church St. Cafe

The center piece of "Old Town" Albuquerque.

about the old church.

behind the old church is this tree, not just any tree, it...

behind the tree, inside it is this wonderful carving from an older...

We found this huge pottery and cougar in the tree.

history of old town

neat breezway.

another neat breezway courtyard

we liked this courtyard and the photo gallery on the left.

we met photographer Ray Laskowitz there, we liked his work.

Sandia Peak Tramway entrance.

Brrrrrr, it's cold up there, better bring your light weight coat

The tram car. Built in Switzerland

It's a long way up to the top. 2.7 miles

Keep smiling it's a wonderful trip.

ABQ is in the distance.

not quite half way to the top.

there's airplane parts at the base of that rock wall, 1955 Pan...

the cables that take us to the top, made in Switzerland

take your light jackets when you go to that altitude...


Ate lunch at Sandiago's

Inside Sandiago's

We enjoyed a day around ABQ however, THE best way to see any city for the first time is an organized tour. We found in "Old Town", a tour company named "ABQ Trolley Company" is absolutley the best. In fact, their by-line "The best first thing to do in Albuquerque" is a true statement. The company is only one year old and owned by two young recent UNM college graduates, Mike and Jesse, using a first-class trolley bus, we found them entertaining and knowledgeable about the community.

Another day we drove to the Sandia Peak Tramway for a trip up the mountain side. The Sandia Peak Tramway bills itself as the worlds "Longest Tram" traveling 2.7 miles to the 10,378 ft peak. While at the top of Sandia Peak we took some pictures of the surrounding valleys for you. Sandia mountians offer muledeer, black bear, raccoons, bobcats, golden eagles, hawks, jays, raven and more. At the top of the mountain we enjoyed the Four Seasons Visitor Center and the interpretive center there. When we came down to the valley again we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Sandiago's Mexican Grill on the property.

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