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The YELLOW flag is flying...beach is so nice...still they fly the YELLOW????

Nice calm surf...so clear and inviting

Suffer Arnold...you ain't got nothing on me.

Campers pizza...Chris makes a few for supper. Easy to prepare and quick.

Archie makes a few contacts on VHF Ham radio. Lots of folks...

Chad keeps a close eye on the place from his chair

Chris and I like to ride bikes anywhere the road will take...

Chris takes a break from serious Putt-Putt

The setting sun catches us at the racing track....very nice evenings here...

Chris takes a gander at the menu at SHAKES

This is the world famous SHAKES...great place to hang out and eat...

White sand everywhere!!! Gulf Islands National Seashore

Chad checks out the white sand and the parking area.


Parking area : This is the only place you can actually pull...

Blowing sand covers the road in a few hours

Beach area in Seashore Park

Shot of the one of the beach areas ....Chris was checking the...

Sand in all directions!!!

Is this Florida or the BAd Lands of New Mexico????

Lots of room here to lay in the sun

Nice area to play....Gulf Island National Seashore Park


Can you picture yourself under the other umbrella....it bound to be 5...

Too many signs to contend with here....Thought this was interesting

This was a nice place to visit as well....on Santa Rosa Island

Nick and Jims Cheese biscuits...taste good!!! A little sweet taste added.

Happy Mothers Day Chris....with a bite of biscuit!!!

This is the place to eat !!! BBQ in Destin

Lots of folks are lining up to get in to the Park...

Chris and I take off for our ride this morning along the...

The rode leads us to the day use beach area of the...

Wave at the camera Chris!!!

Lots of good views here along the beach.

Nice views continue along the road

Chris seems to be saying "Hey...are you gonna come on or you...

Just heaven on earth and all for a few pennies a day....

Chad finds a buddy (a Squirell) just outside the camper eating a...

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Gulf Island National Seashore Park- At a pull off and beach access...


Update: Sunday 5/09/2010

Location: Henderson Beach State Park, Destin, Florida.

Weather: Warm..Highs near 80, Lows in the 60’s

Sunshine and Blue Skies

Hey Family and Friends:

Hope everyone has had a great last few days. The Emerald Coast has had excellent weather and absolutely no humidity….temps in the mid 80’s. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of any mosquitoes and no fly’s. We finally started doing our exploring and so far we have discovered many interesting things to do and see.

On Friday we made our way over to a Putt-Putt place, and found about 200 other people had the same plans. Man, Destin was crowded on this particular night at Slick’s Track. After standing in line for about 10 mins we finally teed off. Needless to say I am the better of the two at putt putt. I think it is because I am the luckiest putter in the world. I can just close my eyes and the ball will go in the hole. I don’t know why.

After having a lot of laughs and fun we headed on over to Shakes for some frozen custard. Yes, you guessed it…another line of folks. In this case, I don’t mind standing in line for this stuff. Good eating for sure. I was reminded again the Kaye likes this place. So, I had a large cup of the stuff for her.

On Saturday we did some exploring along US 98 toward Pensacola. Around 35 miles from Destin, we saw a sign that directed us to the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park. A hard left turn off 98 and then across a 2 mile bridge we found ourselves on Navarre Beach on Santa Rosa Island. Chris and I had never visited this area before. We are so glad we made the turn.

As we entered the park we were reminded of the Bad Lands out west. Absolutely all white sugar-sand everywhere as far as the eye could see. If you love isolation and beach front this is the place. The park is located on a strand island that runs about 14 miles and terminates at Pensacola Beach. I remember Pensacola Beach because we came here when Greg was stationed in Pensacola. Man, the place has grown by leaps and bounds. I would recommend to everyone to visit this park when down this way.

Now, today was Mother’s Day. This morning we started out with biking and a long walk on the beach. The tide was out and there was no wind or surf. The gulf had the appearance of a lake. Smooth as silk. Just one of those wonderful days you only dream of.

So, to celebrate this special day, we made our way over to Jim and Nick’s BBQ for lunch. Chris was really in the mood for BBQ so we gave it a try. Glad we did. Another good place to eat….check it out. The cheese biscuits were fantastic. I know we should have not eaten all we did...but you only go around once. I think my DENSO buddies would like this place because the servings are huge and the service is quick.

We are having a lot of fun here and look forward to more of the same. Hope all of you had a good Mother’s Day and that you did not forget to tell you Mom that you love her!! If the weather holds up and things stay as planned we should be able to make a visit to some of our cousins who live near by in Freeport.

On yes speaking of visits: We had a visit here in the park from one of my Ham friends that I have talked to a few times on HF radio but never met in person. His call is AD4TK. Jack and his lovely wife Brenda live nearby in Shalimar, Florida and he works at Eglin Air Base as an Engineer. He is also a native of Maryville. Hope to talk with him again via the radio as soon as I get back home. Thanks to Carroll (W4PCA) for reminding Jack that we were down here in the area.

Please take a look at some of the pictures I will post with this update. Again thank you for all your prayers and support while we are away from home. If you have any questions about where we are or what we have seen during our travels please leave us a message via the guest log. We would love to hear from you.

Don't forget to check out the video posted here as well.

In Dad’s memory the ADVENTURE continues……………..

Later alligators!

Archie, Chris and Chad (the wonder dog)

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