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WE are all still in succotz and livin the lyfe! Today we planned on going to Xunantunich the mayan ruin, whose name translates into Stone Lady. It is a temple to the goddess of healing and fertility whose name escapes me at the moment!

So we spent many hours getting prepared for this moment.. first we decided to make peanut butter and jam sandwiches to have a picnic. SO we got to making them but realized that we were out of jam! Me and Hayley meanwhile, were planning on visiting my friend who usually has some weed! so we offered to get some jam on our way back!

Down the road in the Hot sun and walk to John's house. His family say he is not home, but is down by the riverside! SO down to the river side we go... On our way we meet a guy who has a horse. We take some time to pet the horse, it is a beauty! Then we keep walking on only to meet a young boy from Honduras! He tells us a bit about himself and we answer a few of his questions. he seems like a chill guy. we find out he is going to school in town and is 16 years old. while we chat we were feeling like we might never find john. A few steps later though, we see him crouching by the water up ahead. By the time we get to him, its time for a break! we sit down with john and his mates. I have met them before and introduce them to hayley! OUr young friend seems acquainted with them as well and as we wait for my friend to come back with the weed we chat a bit more.

John takes forever and one of the guys (nicknamed Crazy) jokes that he had to plant a tree and wait for it to grow! After a few more minutes we decide to hit up the Chinese (the main supermarket in town, owned by Chinese people)! Hayley and i get some yogurt and some chips and some Jam and head back to the homestead. No sign of John. he will come soon i think. We sit down for a bit while Devon finishes the sandwiches! John shows up! turns out he had to bike two miles to get it for us! thanks man!

WE have to be chill cause Aisha has a few kids in her room that she is going to take as belly dancing students! we finish packing or stuff and are ready to hit the road! at first it is all of us that want to go. but then we find out our friend Jerald is dancing with his mestizo dance group at Benny's Kitchen. So i really consider going there but me and Hayley decide to go swimming and then go to the ruins! And that we do. Sage holds out till the last few moments before breaking the news that he will stay home. It is just Hayley and Me off to the Stone Lady! alls good

But yeah I have made reservations at a beach side patio bar for my Birthday on May 22nd!! There are cheap places to stay right next to it and we will be playing good music all night long! Get a plane ticket and come on DOWN!! Woo OOp WOO OOp!

(if your cool enough)

C'mon, If hayley can do it, YOu CAN too!!

anyways the option is there, and so is the reason, the rest is up to you!

Back to my day though, we finally made it to Xunantunich at 15 after mid day and is was sweltering hot. We climbed right up to the top ! Used our blanket as a tent as we stretched it between two of the teeTh on the combed peak on the pyramid . I thought that the tourists must have had quite a time trying to get good pictures when there was a bright pink blanket spread out at the very top! It worked pretty good as shade though. THere really wasnt much cover from the sun, and at least it was windy up there!

so we ate some sandwiches and smoked a J. We started reading from this book written by a guy who aisha and mom met at the Cayo Market! He is very aware and spiritually in touch with things. it was great to know that people like that are doing their thing her in belize! and he was full belizean too! true blood roots! He seems to have figured out alot of what i myself have discovered in terms of life and living. It was fun to read his work. But then we got interrupted by a police officer! i thought he was going to give us Shat for covering the top of the pyramid with a pink blanket, but he was just keeping tabs on the burning forest not two miles away! it was on the guatemalan border he said. Though if it starts to burn on the belize side they will have to call the fire stations!

He talked alot and we were getting the "we just want to be in peace to enjoy the pyramid" vibes! eventually he went away! After chilling for a bit more we decided to switch up our positions! WE went back to the cool shaded stairwell that leads down from the crown!

plopped down and started eatin out pineapple! we were just about to do some art when a security guard with a gun turned the corner! I really wanted to blaze a joint and he was totally crampin my style! I had a feeling he wouldnt care if I lit up right in front of him, but after coming close to arrest in Cancun, i didnt want to risk it!

Instead we listened to him chatter on, and answer his questions. UNTLL he started getting overtly sexual! After a few questions about our sexual lives (i said i was married to devon, unfortunately hayley admitted she was single) he told us he wanted to have sex with us right here and that i could video tape it if i so desired!

HAHA turns out that the mayan ruins are a hot spot for picking up chicks. And after i asked him about it he said that usually 2 out of 5 people will actually say yes! He had never been "blessed" but lots of his friends had gotten lucky after aproaching tourists. Wow you never know. Who can tell if he was bullshitting or not but i was starting to get bored of him. I told him we could take a walk and after a bit of encouragement he did take off.. FOR a while..

We did some art in the meantime and ate more of our pineapple. Many tourists passed us.

And then he returned. He apologized for verbally harrasing us and told us not to take it personally (wut a diss right?). haha, he started talking to us again but with less emphasis on his desires!

He seemed like an alright guy, but to scare him off i started reading aloud from the book that aisha had bought from that belizean in the market! We had earlier told him we were christian and didn't believe in sex before marriage and so he obviously thought we were preaching from our bible! unfortunately my plan backfired and we had indeed, actually seemed to attract another guard! There we were two and two! but they didnt seem like they were gunna budge so we jsut went along with our business. Hayley adding to our drawing and me just reading and chillin!

then it was time to go. We made our way slowly back, and started our descent down the mile of hot road to the river ferry that would take us back to our side of the river. I had decided before leaving that i did not need shoes. But as i walked down that burning hot road made of pointy black stones. my feet ached a fair bit.

WE had gotten a ride into the site in the back of a truck so i hadnt felt the full experience of the road with barefeet before! Ouch.

We were joined halfway down the road by the park crew, walking to catch the last ferry!

OUch OUch, feet going numb. Pain is just an experience right? its good for us......

i did make it all the way to the ferry! and hayley was kind enough to lend me her flips for the remainder of the walk home. We eyed up the street vendors selling handicrafts and mayan slate carvings. Pretty fun day! I was feelin real tired though so it was nice to finally get home and chill for a bit!

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