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We slept in a bit this morning and then sat sipping our morning coffee. It was great!

Marilyn popped some cinnamon rolls into the oven and we ate those with the coffee.

Marilyn & I finally decided to get dressed for the day. After that, she made a grocery list and we were out of here.

When we returned with our groceries we noticed something on the table outside. It was two wine glasses with a strawberry scented candle in each glass. Sitting beside the candles were three pair of 3-D Glasses. That deepened the mystery for us.

We talked about who might have left these gifts for us and decided that maybe it was someone here at the Cave. We made the decision to walk to the office and try to solve the mystery.

Along the way we met Sherry and asked her about it. She informed us that Patty makes candles so I gave her a call. Patty admitted leaving these gifts for us. Mystery solved!

We thanked Patty for the nice gifts and let her know that we appreciate her kindness very much.

Back at the RV, I began cooking up a kettle of beef vegetable soup for dinner on this cool day.

We wanted to have lunch with Jennifer today, as she was working at the hospital, so we stopped to pick up a Subway sandwich for her, then drove on to the hospital.

We ran into a couple of long time friends as we were walking in at the hospital. It sure was nice to run into the Whelan’s again, after several years of not seeing this fine couple.

We joined Jennifer and had a nice visit while she ate her lunch. After lunch, Jen took my blood pressure and confirmed the high reading we had at the doctor’s office last Monday.

She will take it again on Tuesday and then I will report back to the doctor. It appears that I may be taking some medication for high blood pressure in the near future. Such is life!

We returned to the TV where Marilyn went outdoors to sit back in her lounge chair, read a book and soak up some sunshine.

I sat indoors for awhile and then went out to join Marilyn. Instead of reading though, I decided to play golf on the Wii. When I did that, Marilyn suggested we bowl a few games. Both of us did ok in the bowling but Marilyn was a bit miffed at her score so she returned to her book. That was my cue to go inside for a hot bowl of soup.

Tonight we will have some popcorn and enjoy the finale of “The Amazing Race”.

We are rooting for the two cowboys.

We both want to wish all of the Mother's out there a Very Happy Mother's Day.

Life is Good!

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