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Our Son Raj Sent Us A Link To The Newspaper Reports Of...

His Caption Was 'Are You Sure You Want To Come Home?'

We Haven't Seen Snow Falling Since The Spring Of 2006, We Sure...



Here we were, at the end of April, enjoying above average temperatures in sunny Madrid, and our son Raj sends us news of a massive blizzard in Calgary. We were only a few days away from the end of our Year Four travels and our flight was scheduled to take us from Madrid, through Frankfurt, and on to Calgary. There was little or no chance that the snow would be gone by the time we landed.

What a shock to the system to go from temperatures in the high 20s to those hovering just above zero. We had been following the antics of the ash cloud over Europe, caused by the volcano in Iceland. Two weeks earlier, flights into and out of the continent had been cancelled for a full week, and hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded at the airports. When I looked at the photos of the snowdrifts in Calgary, I almost wished for the ash cloud to close the airports again and we could stay in Madrid a little longer.

It was not to be, the European skies were clear and we set off to face the first winter weather we’ve seen in four years. Don’t worry, I’m not asking for sympathy, I’m just venting and trying to prepare myself for cold toes, and a cold nose. This is the earliest we’ve come back to Canada, we’ll be sure to extend next year’s travels well into June. Right, it’s Alberta, maybe we should make that July!


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