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I know I have been slacking BIG TIME with my entries but it has been non stop since we left Perth in Mid March, but I apologize nonetheless. Anyhoots, travelling in a caravan was a first for both Michal and I and we were not quite sure how much or how little we were going to like it, but it most definitely added to our trip up the West coast of Australia. I absolutely LOVED it and plan to do it again in the near future. It was great to be able to travel without a plan and simple park and camp out anywhere, well almost anywhere. It was simply the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on despite all the work we had to do to cook, clean, make & unmake bed daily. We had our whole lives and food in the camper van, which also included a little kitchenette out the back, so you can imagine the anarchy we were living in, BUT I LOVED IT! We drove from Perth up to Exmouth on the west coast, which totaled to about 1500 kms, each way. Most of the time the drive was great minus a few times when the aircon decided to go on a break, which was brutal when it was over 40 degrees outside. With that said, the weather continued to be wicked nice throughout our 2 week trip up the coast, not a drop of rain, simply sun, sun & more sun. BUT with the heat brings the flies, which were the most horribly persistent flies you would have ever encountered. They would swarm your face and attempt to enter any orifice, eyes nose or mouth until they were successful, despite your angry and frustrated attempts to shoo them away. And they rolled in packs, thus at any given time you could have up to a dozen swarming you. I recently found out that it is apparently the female flies that attack your facial orifices in order to gain protein.

Anyhoots, the highlights of our drive were the below:


Kalbarri National Park, which had a beautiful coastline with beautiful national parks. One day whne we went into the gorges I thought I was going to die as it was over 50 degrees in the gorges, and even after only 700 meters of walking I was miserably hot.

Monkey Mia, despite being very touristy, which says a lot for Western Australia, was quite nice. Monkey Mia’s major attraction is the wild bottlenose dolphins that come right up the shore every morning for a feeding. They have been coming to shore every morning for about 40 years, including the day we were there. It was simply amazing to see wild dolphins a few feet off shore. There were about 12 dolphins, including a few cubs and both Michal and I were lucky enough to be chosen to feed the wild dolphins. Definitely worth the 2 hour detour.

Exmouth, the most northern stop on our trip was not the most exciting town, but the access to the Ningaloo reef was great and the snorkeling remarkable. We snorkeled at three different spots along the North East Cape of WA. The coral was beautiful and plentiful, The fish exotic and in abundance, and we even saw a sea turtle, which we swam with for a few minutes. It was incredible!

Coral bay, a town south of Exmouth, but also a gateway to the Ningaloo reef was one of our favorite places along the coast. The town exists solely because of the reef and has one hotel and a few caravan parks, and just enough business activity sustain the tourists and few hundred residents. We loved it! The town surrounded a bay, called Bills Bay, that is the most incredible beach both of us have ever seen. At high tide, you could walk 50 yards in crystal clear water surrounded by rays and fish in a depth to your knees and then you meet the reef, where the snorkeling was great. Michal and I spent 3 days here, most of it was spent on the beach in our portable chairs and a eski full of chilled Coronas. That was the life!

After we relaxed in Coral bay we made our way back to Perth. It took us two days to make it back and spent our Second to last day in Fremantle, enjoying the amazing Squid and charming city. We slept in our van our last day in Perth in our old neighborhood. Woke up the next morning and went on my last run on Cottesloe beach, which was kind of sad for me cause I was so incredibly happy living there and I know for the rest of my life I will look back on that time as being one of the best living experiences of my life. Who knows, maybe one day we will be back……

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