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The crew at the hidden lagoon- Anthong Marine Park

Anthong Marine Park

Super Girls

Kayak Kings


VIP seats for Muy Thai match

Thai Boxers

Shannon tries out the pole dancing...I think she likes it

Hi all,

Ok, so I have been trying to make this entry for the last two days. The internet connection has been hit/miss. We have had a busy few days. Two days ago, we hired a speed boat to take us to Anthong National Marine Park. We snorkeled and kayaked. We also hiked up to a hidden lagoon on one of the islands. We had an amazing Thai lunch that was prepared by our guides. It was a great day of adventure. That evening we went to Chewang Stadium to watch some MuyThai Boxing matches. It was very interesting. Actually the light weight class, which were young boys around 13/14 was the most exciting. We bought "VIP" tickets which gave us floor seats that were big cushy leather chairs. They were so comfortable that all of us....except for Tom feel asleep. We were all so tired from the days activities we probably should have went another night.

When people say " sweating buckets", we can really say that here. The humidity level is so high, you litterally don't stop sweating from morning, til night. Yesterday and today were mostly beach days. Both Shannon and I are having suits made. I am getting two suits and four shirts. They are trying to talk me into getting custom made shoes. It's pretty cool. Pick a suit by any designer that you like and they re-create it. I think that Dave and Shannon are the shopping King and Queen. They love the Thai shopping experience. Actually Tom hasn't been too bad in the shopping department either.

The food experience has been very good. No matter what type of place we pick we all seem to be very pleased with our choices. Ask Dave, he's always talking about how much he just looks forward to breakfasts and what they will have to offer.

Tonight we will be going "shopping shopping". We figure if we say words twice it's like we are speaking Thai. Many of the beach vendors do. If you are ordering the same menu items you just say "same same".

Tomorrow we have hired a driver. Acutally this young man has a number of beach vendor stalls and we have become quite friendly with him, his wife and two year old daughter. His name is Mr. Jack....we don't know the others. He and his wife work very hard. They have a little cart that has the most amazing fresh fruit. We eat mango and pinapple every morning on the beach. In late afternoon she will cook you a roasted corn on the cob. You have never tasted anything better.

I bought his little girl a pail and shovel set today. That was a hit, we played fill the bucket and dump it for a long time. Anyway, back to Mr. Jack he will be driving us to a few waterfalls sights and other places around the island. We want to go in an air conditioned vehicle.

It's hard to believe that we only have four days left. It darn well better be nicer weather when we get back.

talk to you soon.

Monica, Tom, Shannon & Dave

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