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Bula from Fiji! After a few days on the mainland we went island hopping to the beautiful Mamanuca and Yasawa islands. At each island we were greeted with a welcome song and were welcomed into a traditional Fijian ceremony which included the traditional drink Kava, which I'm afraid to say isn't like Cava, it very much resembles dishwater in taste and appearance. The Fijians took great pleasure in watching the tourists squirm as they made us drink whole cups at a time, not wanting to be rude by spitting it out. The Fijians are relaxed, fun loving and friendly and it was very easy to switch to 'Fiji time'.

Most of our days have been spent snorkelling with plenty of coral and sea life to keep us entertained, we did a night snorkel (which personally I found a bit scary) where we saw squid and lobster, soaking up the sun and generally chilling out – it's hard work travelling, you know!

At Octopus resort in the Yasawas (thanks Flopper for the recommendation by the way), we visited the local village and the local kindergarten where the children treated us to a number of songs that they'd learnt in English. As you will see from the photos, they were an entertaining bunch and liked nothing more than having their photo taken. We've haven't found out whether the two finger salute had a Fijian meaning, or whether it was their way of telling us enough photos! I guess we'll never know...

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