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Savanyon Fishing Village

Chillin at Savanyon

Time to head back to the U.S......Stopped overnight at our favorite Hostel Parroquia in Campeche before our long trek back home.

Beautiful gulf coast ocean waters. Drove across a causeway that led to a small fishing village called Savanyon. Temperature is heating up...ate lunch at a cafe in town then enjoyed some delicious watermelon. They have motorcycles taxis here...pretty funny sight....a motorcycle with a carriage attached for passengers.

Drove and drove through the land of "many topes" towards Villa Hermosa. Getting late so we stopped in Paraiso but couldn't find a hostel or inexpensive hotel anywhere. There was a lady at one hotel desk that wouldn't even talk to us...she just shook her finger at us and motioned for us to leave...This was near Comalcalco..

Eventually ended up in Chichilapa at Hotel Napoles for the night. The manager was very nice, as was the room... complete with air conditioner. In the morning we visited the Mercado. Danny bought some Villahermosa chocolate in the market as it was supposed to be the best in Mexico...and it was better than any we'd tried so far. I bought some fresh mango...delicious.

People here seem very curious and friendly. Some say "hello" to us to show off their English. A lady selling oregano from a basket stands close to us, not leaving, even after we've said we didn't want any. Then I noticed another lady, her friend most likely, standing nearby....seems there is a joke between them about us and she openly laughs. I'm guessing there hard sell tactic is to never leave your side.

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