The Peacock's Hot Lap 2010 travel blog

Easter egg hunt insanity

the spoils of the hunt, on our table map

The dirt track to our campsite near Sue's Bridge

The view from my kitchen

Our tight site

Canoeing with Phil

Asha taking it all in


Asha's private suite, with magnificent waterfront views

We camped on the Blackwood River near a place called Sue’s Bridge, planning to use this spot as a base for the next week as we toured the South-Western corner of WA. It was a relief to grab a spot to camp before everywhere filled up with people away for the Easter Long Weekend. We were very aware of the possibility of being stuck with nowhere to stay in this very popular area for tourists and locals alike.

We had met a Christian family at Parry’s beach who were also heading to the same area, so we agreed to camp together and celebrate Easter with them. The campsite was so lovely and private and we couldn’t have imagined a more picturesque spot. The local flora gave a kind of Forest/bush feel and we worked on our bird watching skills as we shared the surrounds with dozens of different visible species.

The kids did a big art exhibition of artwork that they worked on all day one day, an event we all really enjoyed, and there were lots of laughs around the communal campfire that night. Steve made a ‘Weimer Swing’ – a rope thrown over a strong, high branch of a tree and then fashioned into a seat at the bottom with a piece of wood wrapped in a towel. Of course, the kids had a ball with this, swinging as wide as they could, yahooing as they went.

One morning a man and a woman slid past on the river, in a lovely wooden canoe. The kids all waved and called out, and the couple ended up stopping on the bank for a chat. We all admired the canoe, which he had built himself. They were camped down stream, so the man offered to drop it back in half an hour and leave it with us to borrow for the day. The kids were ecstatic and excited, and we thoroughly enjoyed the craft. Phil and Kerry, our camping buddies, were experienced canoe-ers and took all the kids out on the river for a paddle.

Easter Sunday was a great celebration, kicked off with an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Phil and Kerry had 2 little boys, 6 and 4, so with 5 boys going nuts and screaming “I found another one!!” it was a very noisy occasion at 7 in the morning. In true teenager style, Asha declined the offer of hunting for chocolate, preferring a sleep-in instead.

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