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We awoke to lots of rain. Dan was really worried about being stuck in the mud so he jumped out of bed bright and early. We always said we would never travel in weather like this. That we would just change our schedule and leave the next day. Well it is supposed to rain for the next 4 days and this place already has lots of standing water. We think it is much better to get out of here in the bad weather than risk being stuck in the mud. We pulled right out of the spot as if we were on a concrete pad. Dan was really happy. He was still worried about the Firments being stuck but they also pulled out without any issue. Dan was cold and wet so he changed before we started down the road.

Our original plan was to continue our drive up 101. The heavy rain had us concerned about fog and visibility while winding through the mountains so we considered going about 80 miles out of our way to cut over to I5. While fueling, Vicki asked the store clerk her opinion and she said 101 was a much better road than the one we would have to take in order to get to I5. So up 101 we went. We didn't hit any fog and the rain slackened off and even stopped from time to time. The ride was beautiful even with the gray overcast sky. We arrived at Whaler's Rest without incident except we had to setup in the rain.

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