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Chiang Mai is a relaxed city with absolutely loads of temples and it is surrounded by mountains and forest. It is a nice place with loads of restaurants and the food here is amazing. The temperature reached 43 degrees each day I was here and I had splashed out on a decent hotel with air conditioning and a pool so I spent a lot of time taking full advantage of these facilities. It was just too hot to do anything else. On saying that I did go on an elephant trek on one day. This is a once only experience. I also did a short trek through some forest land. There were fruit tree's everywhere so I was eating lychee's straight from the tree. It was awesome. I also did some rafting down the river, but it's dry season and the river was barely more than an inch deep so it wasn't very fast flowing. It was a great way of seeing the area though. Since the main religion in Thailand is Buddhism I decided to do an evening of meditation whilst here. I'm not convinced that the ball of light that I saw in the 30 seconds immediately after meditating was my soul, which is what I was told. After all the meditation involved me staring into a 100 watt light bulb for a prolonged length of time so I think that might have something to do with the ball of light I saw when the light was turned off. It was good fun though. I met some cool people here and had a few nights out too. One night we went to a bar called 'Spicy' as we were told it was the only place that would be busy. It was indeed busy, with plenty of prostitutes and aging tourists. We didn't stay long!

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