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OOey wow. we got to go snorkle the reef today and boy was it something. We first started off in the elkhorn coral gardens. named thus due to the abundance of elk horn coral growing there. it was way cool, i had never seen coral before. It was mostly brown and yellow but there were these purple fan corals that were super intracate and delacate looking. This first stop was generally just a place to get familiar with our snorkle gear but i saw alot of really colourful fish and my first ever reef shark. We were under strict rules not to touch the coral and i know it damages it if you do so i was being pretty careful not to hit it with my fin. When i was diving down to get a better look at some black fish covered in electric blue dots i guess i accidently brushed against something and my fingers started burning like i was stung. i was a bit worried about it. i tried to ignore it for the most part, and the pain only lasted for about an hour or so. After that i was VERY VERY careful not to touch anything. Except for the reef shark that our guide caught for us. We got to that as much as we wanted. It was very exciting and its skin felt kind of bumpy like sandpaper but more smooth. And the sting ray was almost slimey on top and rubbery on the bottom. The eyes of both the shark and the stingray were similarily strange and they both sported rubbery soft gills. That was at shark and ray alley. OUr third stop was at the hol chan channel. Hol Chan is actually a mayan word that means narrow channel. It was a natural channel in the reef formation and allowed bigger animals and the ocean current to pass from one side to the other. It was awsome. we got to get really close to a sea turtle. it was so beautiful you cant imagine. its shell was an art piece in itself and as it chomped away at some sea grass, virtually un purplxed by our amazement, i felt truly blessed. Especially since the oil leakage that is going on up north off, the coast of new orleans. As usual the human race jumps the gun and starts using special new technology to drill a huge hole into the earth and when she starts gushing thousands of gallons of black blood into the precious ocean, we dont know how to sew up the wound. So pray for the ocean to have strength. She is already struggling with the damage done and thanks to us, its only getting worse. I dont know tons about this event, so if you have any more info let me know. these are just gathered facts i got passed down to me from evan and laine. I say its just another stage of the 2012 world uprising. CAnt WAit to see what will happen next. Im just thanking my lucky starts that i was lucky enough to see with my own eyes the treasure of the rainbow fish and crazy creatures that are part of the glory of the barrier reef! I tried not to imagine the black death creeping up on such a magical gift, i know the earth will survive this. its only a natural part of our evolution. it seems we must destroy the beauty of the earth before we can apreciate its unique perfection. you dont know what you got til its gone. lets take paradise and spill a shit load of oil on it!

Bad news aside, i had a truly unforgettable day. I lived a dream out there today. I really lived my dream. I also got to hold a spiney starfish and a sea cucumber. and swim through a school of fish the size of calf. And saw a moray eel and black groupers and red snapper and tuna. anomenes and parrot fish. and i got some rum punch at the end of it!

will post some pictures of the things i saw shortly.

bear with me, and send good vibes out to the ocean for me and for yourself.

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