entry to town

its only about 4 blocks long

left over from the mexican inhabitants.

they used it for protection

the famous Tunstall store.

1000's of items were found in storage recently originally from this store.

All really cool stuff, in original pkgs...



The Tunstall store from the outside.

close up of front

Tunstalls competition was the Murphy Dolan store on the other end of...

The Murphy Dolan store, later used as courtroom, sheriffs office, jail, Masonic...



white line shows where the jail room was, Billy the Kid was...


when Billy the Kid escaped several shots were fired, 2 deputies died.

The Murphy Dolan store was used for many things

Masonic room

Masonic room

Christian Church

Mission San Juan Bautista

the town even had a hotel.

Wortley Hotel

the old hotel

the Montano store

Montano store, rough building methods

Montano store

The Dolan Home

The Dolan Home

Dolan Home as it was in 1886

compare picture to 1886, nice . . .


Bill and Beverly, the owners of Dolan House

of several dining rooms, this one we ate in.

quiant and nice...

Dolans old office is now a dining room

We learned from a tourist booklet that the historic town of Lincoln (named in honor of Abraham Lincoln) was a short distance away and had a colorful past. The 50 mile drive was beautiful and relaxing. We found Lincoln to be a historic town replete with a very colorful history and well known historical figures. Figures such as William H. Bonney (aka Billy the Kid), Sheriff Pat Garrett, Cattle baron John Chisum, Col. Kit Carson, General John J. “Blackjack” Pershing, Lew Wallace other infamous people walked the streets of this little town. Most of the pics for this entry have an accompanying historical marker.

This village is now a New Mexico State Monument, on each end of the main street is a museum where one can pay a $5.00 fee allowing you to enter all 5 the state historic buildings. Currently there are only about 50 permanent residents. Though many groups of Indians and Mexicans passed through for hundreds of years, the town was started 1859 with the permanent houses built by about 7 or 8 families. However, from 1878 to 1881 an occurrence known as “The Lincoln County War” is a story of legend. Changing the social fabric of the region it took the lives and properties of many of the residents. An example of greed, deceit and cold blooded murder.

We got mighty hungry walking and learning all this history, we stopped for lunch at “The Dolan House”. Owned and operated by Bill & Beverly Strauser, the lunch was superb. Our waitress was Beverly while we got the lowdown about the house remodel from Bill. The house belonged to a principal player in the “Lincoln County War”, James J. Dolan. The house was completed in 1883, was occupied by several families, used as a bed & breakfast, later suffered some neglect. Bill & Beverly have owned it since 2007 and have done much to restore it to its previous glory. We found the menu to be simple, the food great and we recommend it.

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