ALASKA BOUND - 2010 travel blog

Motorhome ready for take-off. Ooops, awning still out.

Bill getting tools ready to change shocks. Good thing you can't hear...

Bill installing new shocks. There are eight shocks to install.


Yes, our trip is being delayed by two days so far. We now plan to leave Friday or Saturday. When we replaced the four back tires of the motor home, we discovered they were cupped. This means we needed new shocks. Not four shocks like most vehicles, but eight shocks. I convinced Bill to purchase the higher-end shocks as they were rated highest in motor home magazine consumer guide for the smoothest ride. This is our second home after all(even if it is on wheels)and we decided on nothing but the best. They were sent UPS overnight. Upon arrival, Bill noticed the connections weren't quite matching up to our motor home. Bill spent two days dealing with replacements parts, etc. He now thinks he has everything he needs to actually install them tomorrow. Meanwhile we both feel like we need a vacation from the task of getting ready for this five month er uh.....4.5 month trek. Who knew it would take so long. We serviced the motor home engine (it had to go back to SJ soon after as the thermostat went bad), car engine (with a timing belt), 4 new back tires, eight new shocks, generator serviced, added an oven (it only had convection), new windshield wipers, updated flat screen televisions (2), registered on line a SPOT locatorocater (used for hikers), just in case we are in wilderness and need help and no cell towers are in sight; set up automatic bill pay, hired gardener, begged friends to check on house, etc. But, we figure all of this is part of the journey. We decided to quit sweating it, mellow out, and leave when the "forces that be" allow us to leave. A few glasses of wine and watching the Los Banos sunset didn't hurt either. ha ha! As I write this, Bill has 4 of the shocks installed. I'll get a photo of him later. He looks pretty dirty. Don't tell him though.

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