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hey all, sorry, it's been a few days, just not been able to get near an internet connection! not got much time so i'll keep it brief. Met a couple on tuesday who invited me to go out with them to watch a lady boy show (truly the weirdest thing ive ever seen!. came away from it with only sad thoughts about what leads people to that life, but also about the sick bastards who pay for sex with them after the show (they openly say on stage that you can have whoever you want. To be honest the whole thai party life, with prostitutes and lady boys and mass commercialism really dont do it for me but im glad i went because it was an experience (tho not a good one!). Before we left, while waiting for them i met a girl called aline from luxembourg and invited her to come with us. basically we hit it off so quickly that we decided to do a bit of travelling together and this led to us leaving koh samui yesterday (tuesday) heading for an as yet undecided location in ko phangan. on the journey we really bonded and it felt like we'd know each other for years. its weird, we've know each other 48 hours now and we're sharing a room, completely at ease with each other and both so excited by our trip.

We decided eventually to head to Than sadet and, jesus, did we pick well. have truly never seen anywhere as beautiful as koh phangan, especially when we got to than sadet, a tiny beach with small bungalows set into the cliffs, with no more than 3 people on the beach. truly a paradise island. We stayed at a place called silver cliffs with a treacherous walk up about 100 speps carved in to the cliff itself and booked rooms next to each other, both with amazing views down to the beach and into the jungle. We had an amazing evening with dinner under candlelight at a lovely thai restaurant (with a strange lady owner who insisted on saying "fuck" a lot!!), then laid on the beach gazing at the most amazing starry sky ive ever seen. Then today we went for a walk in the jungle to go and see a local waterfall then ended up walking up a treacherous track to see some amazing views before eventually arriving at the highest viewpoint around.

We decided to move on this afternoon and headed for bottle beach, and decided to share a room with tv and air con, and a pool (at 11 quid each). tomorrow we are heading to thong sala where we are going to rent a car and try to really explore this truly gorgeous island. it's been an amazing couple of days with fantastic company. i really like aline, we share a similar sense of humour and we constantly have a laugh. we're planning to carry on travelling together for the next week or so until she heads back home and i carry on my travels. going to be very weird being on my own again having spent so much time with great company, but it also means i have to focus on what i want to do, whether to stay in thailand or whether i instead head towards malaysia. this staying at one place for a day at a time thing really seems to work for me, you never get bored, you never get time to see the bad bits, you just see all the amazing sights and leave with fantastic memories.

not sure when ill next be on, connection vary over here so all depends on availabity.

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