Bottomless Lakes

distant view of several in a chain.

view over the cliff of the main lake with campground on left,...



small lake

edge of the big lake showing the quick progression to the depth


Billboard on hiway 380

entrance gate of Double Eagle Ranch

entry road to training area

Hello, I'm Mine That Bird, who are you?

"I'm Rebecca and I have a tangarine for you"

Ahh, now we're friends...

Mine That Bird & Rebecca

Mine That Bird & Rebecca

a picture of Mine That Bird, the day after the 135th Kentucky...

racing or is it flying . . .

6 3/4 length's ahead of everyone else...

Mine That Bird winning the Derby....

a collage of pics on his stall...




We heard about the unique lakes East of Roswell called "Bottomless Lakes". Named for the appearance of the water and way back in the 1880's when cowboy's tied lariats together to check their depth but couldn't reach the bottom. Thus, "Bottomless Lakes" was named and actually they range in depth from 17 to 90 feet. They are beautiful, one of them has a park for families to picnic and swim or camp. One day we'll go there for a short stay. These lakes were formed by underground erosion making a cavern then the roof of the cavern caved in and the cave filled with water.

Next day, we learned that 2009 or 135th running of the Kentucky Derby winner, Mine That Bird lives right here in Roswell. Actually about 5 miles east of town is a big billboard telling the traveler to turn down a certain road for 1.5 miles to the Double Eagle Ranch. We stopped in for a look-see, hoping to meet Mine That Bird. Mine That Bird won with 50-1 odds, not even regarded as a contender that day. We found out that he is a gelding and small than most others, not unlike Seabiscuit. We were given a nice tour of the paddocks and met several other beautiful winning quarter horses and thoroughbreds. A trainer named Sarah showed us around and told us about each of the racers we met. Each of them has a personality different from the others and many have to be/demand to be treated differently. We found Mine That Bird likes peppermint candy and will nip you if you don't give him something to munch. For more info and a live webcam go to:


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