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Another view

Jerry with the moving van

Loading the truck, this was the second load

The VERY tired movers :-)

Setting up for a barbeque

Kay and William visiting from North Carolina

Jerry with our new friend Bill, he has been reading our blog...

Liz, Glenda, Cecil, Bobby and the girls

Glenda & Cecil

Enjoying the barbeque

Another view

The girls in the shade

Cooling off inside

Ollie is in LOVE with Glenda :-)

Shattered window, we are waiting for a replacement, then we will be...

Dinner with Betty & Bill Coyle

We are back in Jacksonville. The house has leased for a year. Yippee!! We have most of our belonging moved into storage. We only have a couple of things to take care of before we are on the road again. We have been busy moving everything into the RV. I have one more dental appointment tomorrow to finish my bridge and a root canal. Everyone who prays, pray now. :-) Once that is completed we are ready to travel, except for one minor problem. We are waiting on a RV window replacement. We woke up the other morning and opened the shades and saw we had a shattered window. We have no clue how it happened. It looks like a rock hit it from the outside. It is double glass and only the outside is broken. We are hoping for a quick replacement. Our insurance company is paying the whole bill. Thank goodness for insurance.

We have been saying our good-byes to family before leaving. We had a Bono's barbeque dinner for everyone at our RV and really enjoyed our visit. We also got to see Jerry's Aunt Kay and Uncle William from NC. They were on their way to Daytona Beach and were coming right by Pecan Park RV. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with them at the Olive Garden.

We were also treated to meeting a new RV friend. Bill and Betty Coyle have been reading our blog for sometime. We had planned to meet them for lunch this week. I asked Bill by email where he was staying so we could choose a restaurant close to them and found out they were right here in the same park with us. We invited them over for the barbeque. Betty was unable to come, we hope to meet her later. The RV world is a very friendly world. You meet people and feel as if you have known them for years. We enjoyed our visit much.

We will let everyone know when we are on the road again. We had originally planned to visit the NE Coast, but have not decided for sure. Our last trip to Alaska was my dream. Jerry allowed me to make all the decisions. This year, I have handed the reigns over to Jerry. We will be going to all the places he chooses. He has no idea where he wants to go yet. :-) I am putting this into print now, so I have to remember he is in charge of the itinerary. I will do my best to keep my promise, we will see what the future brings. More later from somewhere. :-)

Window Update: The window replacement is going to take over 8 weeks. We were advised to add plastic and tape to the dinette window and move on. They will ship the replacement wherever we are when it's ready.

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