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Up till 6 or 7am last night. After some debate (due to the price being a bit high) Me an Ma gurl Hayley decided to DO IT! We decided to hit up "the CITY"! apparently the biggest night club in Latin America, and i can believe it. There were at least 3 thousand people there and a lot of attractive guys. We were entertained with various dancers and a fire show where Hayley got invited up on stage and encircled by the flaming balls of this devil man! (the balls were on chains of course, they weren't the mans actual balls).

Almost got arrested for smoking weed. Got my papaya pipe (which i sneakily smuggled over the boarder, and past the drug dogs who patrolled the bus stations), apprehended, and lost my passport and bank card, only to somehow have them returned to me by the security guard who caught us "smoking crack". A few other things on top of that, dancing on the bar, dancing on the Dj stage looking out over the crowd, tequila shots, and few other scandalous acts and you have got...

all and all a pretty laid back evening!

We ate some of the best hot dogs i have ever tasted in my life, and managed to cab home in one piece, only to beg some "agua" from the breakfast staff, and fall into a deep sleep in our hotel!

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