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Made it to Cancun Finally!

I got there about 4 hours after my desired arrival time. And as i drove up to the hotel, Hayley was sitting outside with searching, scared deer eyes.

Yay my baby gurl!! i couldn't believe she was here in fucking Cancun! She is one of my bravest friends! i was so proud of her for going through with our plan and seeing it out.

To get to that point i had to overcome, being left at the Mexican boarder by my bus, and cabbing to Chetumal, buying my ticket to Cancun, and riding for 5 hours in a freezing cold bus all the while with a splitting pain in my right ear. It was bad in the bus station and the freezing cold bus trip was like the 3rd level of hell! I had to have a few little cries cause it was so consumeingly painfull. All i could do was open and close my jaw and massage my right side of my face like a crazy person. I assumed that the young woman sitting next to me was prolly scared of me and didn't really try to make conversation. Later though, after asking if i had a ear pain, she offered to share her woolly scarf with me and i clutched it to my body trying to curl up in a ball small enough that i could cover myself with the piece of warmth giving scarf! She really saved me. And after praying to the lord God and the mother of the universe for delivery i was able to live through the next 3 hours till i arrived in Cancun. The minute i stepped off that hell hole of a bus my ear felt immediately better. I promised myself, as well as god and the universe and whoever else i had thought to pray to on that bus, that i would buy some garlic immediately and make some juice to put into my ear! So i ran to the super market and pocketed some garlic! Then i found a nice guy to cab me to my hotel and thats how i got here! to meet hayley!

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