Return here by 6 pm on direct bus...made plans, called T - great to hear her voice and hear the news direct, ha!

Went to movie, Heaven on Earth?, anyway I did not like it...not too accurate as far as discussions about the crusades...I think the producers were trying to make a point about mid-east and Irag invasion is all...just a lot of blood - which is what all war is about so that part no doubt was real. I got us turned around at the Metro taking the last train and we ended up at completely wrong end of the line!!!!!!Why don't I learn, hmmmm. We met a fellow quite drunk who explained thru a student waiting also for trolley that he was a mathematician and discovered something about pi(couldn't really get it). The fellow insisted I have his shirt and got off the trolley before I could convince him he should keep it...the student lead us to a taxi stand where he spoke to the driver and arrange the taxi - some people here are very helpful! Anyway, an hour longer to get back plus xtra $$ (which completely wiped out the reason to go to the theater we went to to save $$, ha) and we settled in past midnite!

Off today around noon for Belgrade via train...

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