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i made it ALIVE. yes i have successfully travelled from Soccutz to Corozal town, (that's all the way across Belize, you know), as an independent woman!

i feel so liberated. I'm staying in a centrally located guest house that's right close to the bus station. It said in my travel book that it was only 30bz so i thought, i might as well go for the cheapee, since the nice sounding guest house by the ocean was full. Ya, i walked all the way there, well actually all the way to nowhere in the wrong direction and then back again and all the way there. it was a bit tiring, especially with my backpack and my lack of sleep (i will explain later), and bus lag dontcha know. Really it was a miracle i was still standing. Goes to show how hardy i am, i guess. Ya im a fighter, or should i say a survivor, since i actually dislike fighting..... So the Sea Breeze hotel, which was ocean front, and in a quiet calm surrounding, was i guess to good to be true cause it was full up. It was only 40bz for a night, which is pretty reasonable for what they were offering (private rooms with fan, tv, private bath). The place i am staying at is 45bz and its not that pretty. Clean enough though, and the bed seems fairly comfy.

The owner is a character for sure. He is from Pakistan and has lived here for about 10 years now. He is good with languages, "blessed by god" he tells me. He says he can speak Spanish, creole, English, and various languages from his home land. And he is learning Italian i think, and french. So it seems to me like he really is gifted. Yeesh, i AM getting SOME Spanish down, and its pretty neat, but i still cant really make a sentence. I don't know the crucial words like THERE, WHen, Time, That, Start, GO to, STAy, but i can sometimes understand people, and THAT is a good improvement!

So the reason I was spaced out (besides being still a bit high), was cause yesterday i said farewell to my family and friend Aisha as they took off to Cristo Rae with Don and Jess. There was a full moon ceremony planned, and a good handfull of people were gunna be there, like you know, my family, devon, aisha, and Winsom . and then there was a joint Birthday party going down at a club in San Ignacio for some friends of ours the next night.

So i got to have the place to my self for a day and a night!! WOOOOOPEEEEEEE. That was real nice. having the quiet, and being able to put something down and know that it will be there when i need it! Peeing with the door open, only having to clean up after myself! oh gawd it was magic. Except that i got a lee bit paranoid halfway through the day. Suddenly i was alone... and people knew it! I was preparing myself for armed attacks and B&E! I was keenly aware of my vulnerability.

I just kept reminding myself to think positively. My mom mentioned something about using her energy to create a shield of protection. So i practiced this, instead of putting all my energy into listening intently for sounds of movement, and checking behind our two doors every time i came in from the yard. It was hard to relax. i was also a bit anxious about my lone adventure, and picking up hayley from Cancun. I had only a bit of weed that i had scrounged from the table. My family (and when i say this, i really mean everyone who i live with, including Devon and Aisha, we are all a family), left me with no weed, and no pipe or papers! so like that was a bit annoying.

You know me though, i don't get down bout small tings like dat. I went into the yard and found a piece of Papaya branch. We have about 5 Papaya trees growing on the right side of our house. Its vair cool. Unfortunately one had to get chopped, on account of it growing in the way of our poop tube. The tube started leaking stanky juice and it smelt narsty. Some nice guys came to fix it, but we had to say good bye to one of our papaya plants. RIP. If it wasn't for that chain of events though, i would not have been able to cut a small section from the felled plant and hollow it out to create a very organic looking, green Chilm. I then thanked myself for being so awesome as i searched through my stuff to find the pipe screens i had carefully packed away (they dont have those here for sho), and carefully placed one in the wider end of my green plant tube. DUn Dun dUH! Oh yes, i am so great.

So after doing that i read up a bit on the buses to and from Cancun (which is where Hayley was flying too), thought about packing, and had a few cold showers. It was blazing hot and had been for a few days. Cold showers are KEY. I made a list of things i had to do before night fall. it looked something like dis....

1. Go to internet (to check my email and write down Hayley's itinerary etc)

2. Buy a notebook (just for recording dreams and making lists and writing in. The art book i was using was heavy and it was getting full. Thought i should save it just for art)

3. Bring buckets inside (so they don get theft)

4. Eat Yummy squash (i had bought some beautiful Mayan heritage squash. All different sizes and sporting skin that was made up of gorgeous swirly designs and splotches of different shades and stripes of cream. well they were all different, some round and green and one that was big and caramel coloured with a lace of cream covering its entice surface. Roundish shapes of darker caramel, all different sizes, creating exotic patterns. It was trippy as hell and i just had to get it. Also i was interested in growing them as food source and thought to harvest the seeds.

5. Close windows

6. Hide Key

7. Charge camera

8. Buy some ganja

9. Transplant some plants into the garden (we had some pretty purple and green ornamental ones that had rooted and were sitting in a bucket out back. As of then, our "garden" was mostly gray sand with some rocks and a pink flowing plant called moon flower that grew mostly on the side of the house, leaving the front basically bare. Mom had planted a pineapple top on the right side of the door and there was a small shrub growing on the other side, but our front garden was basically empty)

10. somehow irrigate the garden ( more on that later, but to give you a clue, the garden that wraps around our house is conveniently right below the deck of our upstairs neighbors. So it stays very dry always, as it is nicely protected from the rain.)

11. PACK (i could already tell that i would procrastinate on this one)

There you have it. My to do list for the day. And i actually got everything complete by 5am the next morning! With a lot of cold showers i was able to plant the plants, charge my camera, make pretty tasty squash, get a hand full of ganja for free from a friend, get to the internet and buy a lee scribbler for my dreams. I even managed to create what i hope is a really good irrigation system for my garden. It went like this.

Firstly we had a very good bucket which was of a large size. It had a hole at the bottom and a spout that screwed into it! So without that i would have had no hope. My mom suggested just filling it with water, opening the nozzle to a slow drip and setting it down in the garden. Looking at the garden later on, i really had the oppinion that that would barely help. We had the pineapple planted near the door and then about a 3ft by 2 foot section where mom had planted some herb seeds( basil and thyme prolly. No not marijuana), and to keep this at all moist for a few days i would need a pipe of some sort with holes in it so it could cover a greater surface. I then manifested on a piece of pipe long enough to reach the pineapple and the herb seeds. I thought there would be a semi good chance of finding something like that. at least a few feet long that i would attache to the bucket nozzle. Circling the house a few times, i at first came across a 1.5 foot piece of plumbing pipe and was ready to try to use it to the best of its ability. But later on, i discovered a long piece that was laying just at the foot of the outside wall in the back. I had thought it was being used but on further investigation, realized it was not attached to anything. It was perfect, if maybe a bit too long. Spanning about 5 feet in length, i was worried i would have to cut it down. And it had a valve that opened and closed at the far end, with a elbow in the other so it vaguely might resemble a lower case "l" with the little curve at the tip.

with a few different tactics, i made some holes along it, and set it up so that it ran through the garden and angled up, to where it received water by the drip from the red bucket with the nozzle that i had resting on a carefully arranged pile of rocks.

Somehow i pulled it off. the tricky part was getting the end of the pipe to line up with the drip from the nozzle and stay there.

By the time i was done this it was practically 7 or 8. And i still had to pack. I was hanging out with my friend Sharmain and her little sister. They kept me company while i tried to pack but at 9:45 i was tripping a bit cause i didnt feel ready and i wanted to go to bed and get at least 6 hours of sleep. (i had to wake up at 3:45am the next day to catch the early bus because i thought that it would take me like 9 hours to reach Corozal and i wanted to get there before dark.

So the next few hours i spent hectically packing, and then i spent the next few hours after that hectically sleeping. I was very excited to have a bed to myself and the privacy to sleep in the nude! As i tried to sleep, though, i felt vulnerable and kept waking up at every little noise expecting it to be a robber or some other type of attacker breaking into the house. I think i maybe got an hour or so of rest though, since i got to bed at about 12ish.

In the morning i dashed down some really good food. Scrambled eggs, stew beans that i made the day before, and fried plantains with tea! fuckin rights my friends, fucking rights. I gulped it down cause i was in a rush to get out the door! i left the house at 5am, just missing the first bus. FUCK right?

another one came not 20 minutes later so it warnt too bad. It rained the whole bus ride, and i mostly slept.

Got to belize city. Waited maybe 40 minutes for the next bus to corozal. Meanwhile having a quick hoot from my homemade plant pipe in the bathroom. YES

Bus to corozal took 3 hours, and i got there around noon! The sun had come out and it was a fine day, fucking humid! i was standing by the ocean trying to get some feeling back in my legs from the bus trip. And some guy comes up to me and starts chattin me up. Damn cant one have just a moment of peace without being pestered by Rascals?????

I sussed him up, tall guy, dressed well, a bit gangster. I'm guessing Creole cause i think the Garifuna people live mostly in the south. He didnt seem too harmful but i was skeptical. ya cant go round trustin people.

i was fairly stand offish so he would leave me alone. When he asked me if he could say hi to me later if we ran into each other i said Yes.

And off i went in the wrong direction to try to find the Sea Breeze Hotel. luckily decided to ask a family if i was in the right area when the town started to thin out. HaHA, back again and on for another 10 minutes. Found it alright, as i said before it was full. Too Bad, looked like a nice place.

On to the cheapest place then. According to my book it was a place called the Corozal Guest House. Which i found al right. And even though it was 10 bucks more than i expected, i was done with walking around with my heavy back pack.

So got soem yummy fruit and headed down to da water. had a lee picnic there and then who should turn up with i was in the middle of my mango, but That guy Earl who had aproached me earlier. And he was with a woman. I felt safer since there was a woman with him. Her name turned out to be Lavern and she had dreads and good vibes coming from her.

We spent much of the day together, me Earl and Lavern and we visited a small mayan site and smoke some tontos on the very top! It had a nice view of the town, it was a very beautiful spot. After that i ate the rest of my squash dinner from last night and slept for longer than the night before. Had some crazeh dreams and woke up at 5am ready to catch the 6o clock bus to Chetumal. Which didnt come till 7:30am. Which gave me time to get some much needed TEA. but i never got any cause everything was closed, except a little cafe that had only nescafe instant with nasty creamer. Since it seemed my only option, i took it and drank down that slightly bitta drank in an attempt to raise moral!

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