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This weekend we went to the biggest party in Mexico – the feria de San Marcos in Aguascalientes. We didn’t know what to expect but when we got there we realized it was basically just one big ‘cantina’ in the street, no entertainment as such just everyone boozing and dancing! Like every other feria we’ve been to, there was lots of banda music and Mexicans chanting along ‘ay ay ay’. The beers they sold were amazing, 4 pints for around 2 quid in a giant can – I could barely carry it around!

We basically spent the weekend in various bars drinking, we were even bought a song from a Mariachi band and were serenaded in one bar! When they asked us which mariachi song we wanted to hear we had no idea, I think they thought we were a bit weird for not being Mariachi fans. On Sunday we went to the plaza de torros to see the bullfighting. The actual arena was impressive, like a mini colosseum. We were a bit nervous as the night before a bull had mauled the bullfighter and he ended up needing 17 pints of blood. Thank God we didn’t see anyone get injured; the whole thing was quite a spectacle. One of the fighters was really good and was presented the bulls’ ears at the end, a nice gift for his wife!

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