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Museum of the Red River

Very nice facility

Beaded moccasin display

More beaded moccasins

These pots were huge - 5 feet tall!

Basket used for fishing

A "local" dinosour

Here's what he looked like with his skin on

Muscle Car Legends Museum

Olds 442 W30



Nice collection

Lots of chrome on this one

On our way to church in Idabel on Sunday, we noticed The Museum of the Red River and decided we needed to come back for a visit. It was well worth the trip. Gary and JoElla went with us and we had an enjoyable day.

This museum had several exhibits - Indian artifacts, Birds in Art, and a dinosaur. The volunteers were very helpful. We could take photographs in all areas except the Birds in Art display. It is an extremely well-laid out museum, with attractive displays and very spacious. Most of the Indian artifacts were displayed behind glass, so it was difficult to get photos without reflections. I especially enjoyed the beaded footwear display. There were some very large pots, the tallest being over 5 feet!

My favorite exhibit was the Birds in Art. Paintings and sculptures of birds. There were some excellent items in this room, but we were not allowed to take photos.

The dinosaur was interesting and I will have to add more on that later. Can't seem to find my brochure:)

After the museum visit, we drove by Tommy's nephew's BBQ restaurant, which was closed and everyone opted for some Brahms ice cream.

Between Idabel and Broken Bow is a building we have checked out several times - The Muscle Car Legends Museum. Every time we have been there, it was closed. As we drove by this time, I noticed people outside, so we turned around and went back. The two men were the owner and his son and they were happy to let us in. Now, this is Wes' kind of museum:) We spent an hour or so checking out all the cars of our youth. The museum is a collection of one man's cars. He also has collected lots of signs. We recognized most of them. The entrance area is set up like an old diner and we saw the sound boxes on poles from a drive-in. It's always a work-in-progress:) These cars brought back lots of memories and we enjoyed our time there. It is worth the time.

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