South America - Jules on tour 2005 travel blog

Sunset in Huanchaco

Temple of the Sun ruins near Trujillo - pre-Inca culture

Friend Julio and his family in Huanchaco

Huanchaco fishing village

Huanchaco's church - the second oldest in Peru

The Peruvian hairless dog - common in these parts

Church in Trujillo

Arrived here last night after a great couple of days in Lima and then saying goodbye to Ernesto, for the second time in 6 years! I don't really like Lima but he's from there so I got to see the better bits, especially our ceviche eating in the central market. After a difficult goodbye at the bus station (he was off to the airport heading for Canada), I jumped on a night bus to Trujillo, a colonial city 8 hours north, and a good base for visiting the archaelogical ruins of Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in the world, dating back to pre-Incan culture. Fascinating, but am tired after the last few days, so my translating for the others in my group (some English girls) left something to be desired, and now I am ready to fall in bed.

I cannot believe I go home so soon, I've stopped thinking about it in the last few weeks, and suddenly remember all over again. Original plan was to visit the Galapago Islands about now, but have run out of time and money and would rather, quite frankly, visit them with a friend than alone.

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