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I only had 36 hours in Hong Kong. I really didn't know what to expect. Apart from being stupidly busy at all times of day and night it does seem like a decent place and I could have happily stayed longer. It has great public transport so every part of the city is easily accessible. I used public buses, trains, ferries and trams in my short time here. There is no way of avoiding the shopping centres in Hong Kong Kong, they are everywhere. When trying to leave the tube station the exits first take you through shopping centres. My back pack is full of bargains now! Whilst here I took the Ngong Ping 360 cable car to see the giant Buddha. This was really impressive. Whilst there I also visited a Buddhist temple and ate in a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant. Later in the day I took the Peak Tram to the Sky Terrace overlooking the city for great views of the harbour and city skyline. Unfortunately it was very foggy, but I didn't have the option of coming back the following day. The views were still great though. I spent quite a bit of time lost in the the high rise neon illuminated city streets, but it was a pleasant lost as the streets are great to just walk around.

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