Ft Stockton RV office

Ft Stockton RV office

our setup, space 59

nice little water feature with kitty

simple menu and terrific prices, don't like it? Drive is 5 miles...

Yep, we like it simple... She had #1, Dave had #3...

Cactus n Mequite in the evening...

It was a very nice 290 mile drive from Lake Medina to Fort Stockton, TX along I-10. Oh, it was an especially nice drive for Dave as Rebecca did the vast majority of the drive. We arrived at the Fort Stockton RV Park, our favorite in the area, in the late afternoon. While driving along we noticed the winds were pretty high, we're glad to get off the road. The winds stayed up for most of the night at least til sometime after 3:30 a.m. So we setup the 5'er, pulled out the chairs and plopped down for awhile. We have found that dessert wines are nice in the afternoon after setting up, then relaxing. We like this little park for the 1 or 2 overnite stays, it has a restaraunt "Roadrunner Cafe". The 2 menus haven't changed in the 3 years we've been stopping here. See the photo's of the menu's, we like thing that are simple in such and otherwise complicated world. We ate dinner for $20 including a nice tip and $15 incl tip for breakfast! Notice that the meals incl drinks and dessert with dinner!

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