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so its only 2 days till i must venture off and meet Hayley in Cancun!

yup, i got a cell phone so that i cant stay in contact with people such as my family. I am debating on whether i should take my tent or not. We should be staying in hostels but as a backpacker i feel neked without it. Devon tells me that my horoscope predicts a great change in my life so there is another thing to look forward too!

Also i discovered a copy of GULLIVER'S Travels in my house today which is fuckin awesome cause i love that movie. i used to watch it over and over again cause they had a copy you could borrow from the library. I have yet to open it. Lately i have been craving a good fantasy novel, or some 17th century historical fiction, but i think this is better. Its not like we didnt have tons of great books before i found this one though. Cause we did. and one is a book that Aisha has called 2012. She read some to me last night as i was going to sleep and its a powerful book with alot of truth about the mayan people and their spiritual beliefs etc.

After Aaron left, Aisha had invited me to move into her room! she has a really nice bedroom and so i was of course obliged. I slept my first night in there and it was hot but very comfortable. Today we did alot of cleaning and reorganizing of our house. Mom and Evan now have their own room where the Kitchen had been originally and there was also room in there for our bags of stuff. So we moved all the clutter out of our shared living space and it makes a huge difference. Maybe i will be able to live out of a bog instead of a bag for awhile!! What an upgrade.i cant wait.

lets see wut else. well, i had been experiencing some pain in my right ear for the past few days, and i had a clove of garlic shoved in there all of yesterday. But today i really got the full healing treatment. starting off with a mixture of oregano and coconut oil i placed a few drops into the affected ear. after that, Devon somehow juiced some garlic and he put that in there as a followup. I spent about 3 hours lying in a hammock looking at the wall and singing along to my ipod (which finally got charged), and keeping my head level with the ground so that my ear medicine would not drip out! OOOO Mom totally scored a DIdge the other day when she saw a couple of guys making something out of bamboo in san ignacio and just strolled up to them, asked them what they was doin, and came out of the experience with a nice piece of bamboo! When we got back to Don and Jessica's palapa she hollowed it out by hammering a piece of PVC tubing into it. We thought that the PCV tubing was going to stay a part of it forever, she had really hammered it in there, but somehow Don saved the day and they got it out. (it really was a big job let me tell you!)

So the result? our new didgereedoo that Devon expertly played into my head while healing me ear and heart! On top of all that i got a nice head massage from me mam and Devon did some reflexology on my feet! It totally healed me up and i feel 100 percent great!

Reflexology is another good book that we have! Ya.

So we spent a good few days and Jessica and Dons, We were invited to come live with them and we seriously considered the offer. Sage has been learning alot from Don (who has studied Aikido for many years) and i also learned some moves. When he was trying to show me a technique he had me grab his arms from the front, one forearm in each fist, and he tried to break me down using the circle method. BUT i was rooted to the ground like a tree and try as he may he could not make me fall to the ground! I was amazing and he says i have a special gift that he has only heard about in legends! (i always knew this of course but its nice to have recognition)

anyways we decided not to move our stuff over there, even though its really great. because, big as it is, the palapa is still a pretty close space for 10 people to live in. We will stay in our Soccutz apartment and focus on Aishas land.!

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