USS Lexington

proof we're there

proof, they we were with us!

big prop

tid bits

tid bits

tid bits

tid bits

tid bits

tid bits

how do they sleep, stacked 3 high?

personal space

Lex superstructure

What a Kamikaze really is... the ship had been struck by one...

artwork on a wall in the enlisted barber shop

guns down the side of the ship.

pic of the 1st Lexington

details about the 1st Lex

the 2nd Lexington

details about 2nd Lex

the 3rd Lexington

details about the 3rd Lex

the 4th Lexington

details about the 4th Lex

the 5th Lex, this ship...

a few details about the 5th Lex

she looks like she belongs here...

ships bell

plaque for the ships bell

Rebecca at Sand Fest

Many categories, even childrens category.

We thought the sign was cute for the previous pic.

Family category had many families creating sand art.

Sand Art

Sand art

These are the pro's...

a pro build

these pro's are good.

a Texan artist

this one was huge and cute, we couldn't get the whole thing...

Wow !

Oh my !

Dave's art . .

boys were feeding gulls, cheeto's ...

We met Rachel B. who is a member of "Sister's on the...

Rachel's little trailer. for more info go to, Sistersonthefly.org

We did a little touring while here. We toured the USS Lexington, went to the Sand Fest on Mustang Island, and a few small things. Dave and John went fishing whenever the weather allowed it. The last full day on the base Dave met with a friend for a round of golf. The last five days here, the weather turned nice.

So here are a few photo's of things we did, enjoy.

A womens fly fishing club called "Sisters on the Fly" is very unique. We met one of the members, Rachel B. while at the Sand Fest. She had brought her little "Sister" trailer, they're known for the trailers they bring for the outings.

We're excited this time of year. You can tell by our itinerary, our summer trek is beginning with our leaving Corpus Christie. Yippee ! ! ! Winter is over, it's been unprecidented as far as the weather in south Texas goes. Yes, just like most everywhere, the weather has been cold, windy, stormy, rainy, etc, etc... So look out highways and byways, here we come, with vigor...

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