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View of Carcassone

Another view of Carcassone (inside the outer walls)

John was quite excited getting back to France with their wonderful food shops and we felt quite at home; I must say I have completely changed my opinion of the French as I used to think them unfriendly but we have found everyone we have met to be delightful; (Most of my previous experiences were with Parisiennes so maybe they are different. We are now at another amazing place, a walled medieval town. The camp ground is only 15 mins walk away (5 mins on bikes) and also has a lovely view of the town. This is cassoulet country and tonight we are going back into the old city to go to a restaurqnt that specialised in cassoulet; We first heard about cassoulet on a cooking TV program about an English chef who went to live in France in this region. Apparently there is a grand order of cassoulet chefs so they take their cassoulets very seriously. It was our anniversary yesterday (14 years since we first met)so we are making this our celebration anniversary dinner.

Next update will have my opinion of the cassoulet; Actually I think it will be more of a man's meal as it has pork fat and ducks legs etc in it (I think)

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