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On the way to Kodachrome Basin State Park




Kodachrome Basin State Park















On the trail to the arch







Shakespeare's Arch




Weather Closing In

Lee Having Lunch In Our Truck Picnic









We've Left The Park




The Road Ahead

Lee at the Cowboy Blues Restaurant

This morning we headed over to Kodachrome Basin State Park which is near Canonville, Utah. The main features of the park are the many sedimentary pipes (also called geysers) in the area. The park contains 67 of these pipes which geologists believe to have originated in one of two ways: as injections of liquefied sand triggered by earthquakes, or as remnants of ancient springs. The spires were left standing after the softer Entrada Sandstone surrounding them eroded away.

The name of the park came from a National Geographic Society exploration party that documented and photographed the area using Kodachrome film. At that time they named the area Kodachrome Flat. Then later the park was named to Chimney Rock State Park, however, within a few years Kodak gave permission to rename the park Kodachrome Basin State Park.

It was a beautiful day when we started out but as the day progressed the weather started coming in. We started taking a hike to see Shakespeare's Arch and the clouds started rolling in.

Luckily, we managed to make it all the way back before it started to rain. Then we headed to the truck and had our picnic lunch in the truck and watched it rain. About the time we finished lunch it quit raining so we took another hike on a short paved nature hike to see some of the various plants in the area. The paved trail took us closer to some of the rock formations. We finished the trail just in time for another rainfall.

After we left Kodachrome, we drove back to town and stopped for dinner at the Cowboy Blues Restaurant in town. The food was really terrific and it had a fun atmosphere.

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