Lin's China Travels 2005/2006 travel blog

Work outside the renovating work on the Star Lake Hotel.

The huge motor that is being lifted by the crane. It seems...

Lift it up.

Onto the truck bed.

The overseer, concentrating on his work.

Electrician's nightmare.

Blue Sky, Barb, and Mandy, at McDonald's in the Baiyun airport.

Blue Sky, Andy, Barb and Mandy.

Do you think the boy is tired after his week in Guangzhou?

I got up in good time this morning, to get the final things done, and to get a bus into town, for the airport express bus, to collect the visitors!!

On the way past the main bus station, I picked up a couple of cans of coffee drink, and a packet of biscuits. Just like to have a snack on the way.

When I got to to where the airport express bus leaves from, there was a lot of work going on next door, at the renovation site for the Star Lake Hotel. There was a huge machine, which was being lifted onto a truck, I suppose to be taken away. It was quite a good display of crane operation, as there was not much spare room on the back of the truck, and the machine had to be placed very carefully.

It had been raining steadily, most of last night, and all of the morning. I took two umbrellas with me, as that is all I have, and I was really hoping that the rain would have lifted by the time we get back to Zhaoqing this evening.

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